Mga Tips Para Hindi Ma-Loko o Ma-Scam sa Mga Facebook Groups

Public Service: GO-SEE Daw [for Models, HMUA, Hosts, Photographers], pero (OG) Organo Gold NETWORKING naman pala. Kelangan mo muna mag-member bago ka maka-join sa mga events nila.

Paano kaya natin malalamang “networking” o “scam” naman pala ang isang Facebook post?

Sa mga ibang nabiktima rin ng mga FAKE GO-SEE, reply po kayo dito at i-share nyo yung name ng nag-post sa FB, at name ng networking nila para di na mag-sayang ng time, efforts, at pera yung iba sa pagpunta sa mga seminar nila.

FakeGoSeeOGIconProduction2 OrganoGoldFakeGoSee

RAKET! RAKET! Facebook Group reported SCAMS as of February 2013

 By Jeff Gemoto on Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 6:24pm, updated by Facebook Group Admin, Jeff Dela Cruz

– Meet-ups for supposedly raket offerings that end up sa pagkawala ng cellphone nyo –Pagkadating sa meet-up venue (usually sa fastfood chains), nagaabang na ang kawatan na sasabihing wala na silang load, so ipapatext sa inyo yung isa pang contact person. Tatawag sa cell nyo yung tinext nyo at makikisuyong kausapin yung kawatang na naka-meet nyo.  Habang kausap na ng kawatan yung accomplice gamit ang cell mo, sasabihin nyang lalabas lang sya dahil nawawalan ng signal.  Iiwan nya ang bag/wallet nya sa lamesa para kampante ka.  Yun na ang huling kita mo sa cellphone mo.  Hindi na babalik ang kawatan, at ang bag/wallet na iniwan nya wala naman palang laman.

– Multi-level Marketing, Networking, Pyramiding scams – people will offer you vague but enticing opportunities (sasabihing kikita kayo ng malaking pera with less effort), or worst case you will be lured by offering you opportunities that you are looking for (go sees, auditions, photoshoots, events, etc).  Some people will even deny that they are from a Networking group if asked,  just to find out on the venue itself na indeed MLM seminar pala sya.  Remember, these people will do everything just to have others attend to their so called seminars.

– Escort services/PR – some ads that offer quite big amount of TF just for ushering and event or entertaining people, or worst case no job details will be given until you have a meet-up with them.

 Online Casting – There is no such thing as Online Casting, wherein you send your nude photos to a person’s mail. 99% of Go-see are done through personal interaction. Online Casting is only used in porn. So unless you want to be seen in pornhub or redtube. Report all ads about online casting


– Know who the person you’re dealing with.  Check their FB to see if their Profiles are not BOGUS profiles.  Some tips on what to look for in FB:

  1. Look for common Facebook friends
  2. Look for valid wall posts by friends (kamustahan, personal comments etc), and not just those “TFTA” and non-sense wall posts
  3. Check their photos. Majority of their pictures should not be grabbed photos from the internet (quotes, photos of others, etc)
  4. Their photos should as much as possible include tagged friends, and personal comments from friends, not just generic comments such as “wow” “nice” etc.
  5. Ask around for feedback regarding the person you’re dealing with, or do other means of research
  6. Always have doubt to people you don’t personally know
  7. Check if the ADS/posts are DETAILED
  8. Do not post your numbers freely in FB groups
  9. When attending go-sees, as much as possible bring a companion  with you
  10. If the offer is too good to be true, have doubt

Again, it’s everyone’s responsibility to check the opportunities’ validity first before committing to it.  It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Please report other SCAMS and other deceiving posts or shady deals to the Facebook Group Admins.  Let everyone be aware!


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