Q & A: Praktis Para Sa Relationship?

Ang sumusunod na entry ay nasa comments section ng post kong “Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? / Part 1: Prelude To A Kiss”

Question from: Pinoyjourn

Great views. Shared this on FB and got some likes and shares. How’d you respond to those who could say “Paano ka magiging handa kung hindi ka muna magpractice?”

Answer from Adrian Pantonial

@ Pinoyjourn-Thank you for sharing this on your FB network and for taking time to leave a comment.

That’s a very interesting question. To the person who asked that question, I’ll first answer with another question: “Ano ba ang dapat mong pag-practice-an para maging ready sa relationship?”

Then I’ll follow it up with these lines: “Ano ba ang mahalaga sa isang relationship? Hindi ba’t mga character traits more than just physical looks and superficial gestures na hindi naman galing sa puso?

Ang mga character traits na dadalhin natin sa isang relationship ay mga character traits na “pinag-practice-an” natin sa iba’t ibang parte ng ating buhay: sa bahay, sa mga friends, sa community, school, work, even online etc.

A relationship between lovers/couples is really more than just handling a relationship where only two persons are involved because kapag nag-work yung relationship na yun or kung magkaka-problema man sa relationship ng dalawang tao, the other people around us with whom we “practice” the character traits like trust-worthiness, loyalty, serving others, loving people unconditionally and giving even when it hurts etc., are the very people we will turn to rejoice with us, encourage, strengthen and even correct us when needed.

Gets ba?  Let me know if you need further explanation.


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